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01 December 2005 @ 10:33 am
News Review
"Manhattan's Little Ones Come in Bigger Numbers"
The New York Times
December 1, 2005

The number of children under the age of 5 in Manhattan has increased more than 26 percent from 2000 to 2004. Preschools are becoming harder to get in to than college. Nobody can for sure say what has caused the baby boom. It could be the increase in immigrants or the that families can now afford to stay in Manhattan and provide a good childhood for their kids. In 2004, 16.4 percent of Manhattan families earned more than $200,000. Day cares are brimming and new and very expensive family centers have been created. Manhattan is becoming a more popular place to raise a family.

I think it is good that some families are deciding to raise their children in Manhattan instead of moving out to the suburbs. It creates diversity in how children are brought up and I think that's good for the future of America. Also, it's good for the parents that do not have to commute from the suburbs into the city for their jobs. It's crazy how expensive everything is in Manhattan and the fact that preschools are so crowded. They need to build more schools if the population of children increases anymore. I would only want to raise a family there if I had a lot of money so I could provide them with a good childhood.
30 November 2005 @ 01:54 pm
When reading about composting for my presentation I found this error.

"Our hands our being forced to deal creatively with our own yard waste..."

It should be "Our hands ARE being forced to deal creatively with our own yard waste..."
22 November 2005 @ 10:23 am
News Review
"For Those Who Snore Heavily, Implants May Help"
November 22, 2005
The New York Times

The pilar palatal implant system has been performed on 9,000 Americans and 1,000 others in Europe and Hong Kong. Its the fastest, cheapest and least painful snoring surgery. Polyester braids are implanted into the back of the throat. The braids reduce the flapping of the soft pallet which is responsible for the sounds that snoring makes. The procedure takes about a half an hour and Novocaine is used to numb the pain. Many other increasingly painful procedures may keep you in the hospital for a few days for lesser results. Some doctors are still against the surgery saying that snoring is not just anatomic and can not be so easily fixed. The procedure does take a while to come to full effect, making patients increasingly impatient.

The more techniques created to reduce snoring the better! I hope one of these days, a procedure can completely rid someone of the embarrassment of snoring. As technology advances I think the procedures will be lest costly and more efficient compared to the procedures today. I can't imagine the problems snorers must encounter. Having a father and a friend that snore obnoxiously makes be empathize with anyone in the same situation. It is best if snorers could have the opportunity to take care of this misfortune once and for all.
13 November 2005 @ 02:45 pm
I think chapter seven is a good ending to the book. It kind of culminates and puts emphasis on everything I think Giroux wanted to say. Overall, the emphasis is on the fact that students should be able to take advantage of the fact that they have schools to learn and grow as well as become an aware well-rounded individual in all senses. Students should be allowed to take the time to become involved and for their own opinions on politics and life in America. It would be a sad thing to see schools diminish and more courses become internet accessible then we would stop interacting with the public and valuable experiences would be lost. This is what I have understood from this chapter and parts of previous chapters. I was continuously confused throughout the book and I think I only have slight grasp on what Giroux truly means. I am not particularly fond of this book and I'm glad there is not more to read.
13 November 2005 @ 02:14 pm
News Review
"Bungled Records of Storm Deaths Renew Anguish"
November 13, 2005
The New York Times

As families in Louisiana are receiving the death notices of their loved ones, everything does not seem to be alright. Death notices are falsely listing where victims have died and they are also listing false causes of death. Causes of death are often seen as a death relating to Hurricane Katrina as well as decomposition or any other list of previous health problems. Morgues are said to be releasing bodies much more decomposed then when received. Some bodies are sent to the morgue with out notifying the family and are kept there for weeks without concern. Also, as of Friday, no DNA testing had been done on victims to math with families that have submitted DNA samples. Families are upset with the information they are being given about their loved ones. The information does not provide any answers to their ongoing questions.

This is a horrible thing that is happening. I would think it would be of the up most importance to correctly and promptly report the deaths of the Hurricane Katrina victim's family members. I could not imagine sitting around waiting to find out what had happened to a mother, father, or sister. It is even worse to find out that deaths are being blamed on previous medical problems and decomposition instead of the terrible effects of Hurricane Katrina. To not even know where your family member died or how is a terrible thought. I feel deep sympathy for the affected victims of the hurricane. I can only imagine how much suffering they have done already, and how much more suffering this problem is bringing them.
10 November 2005 @ 11:07 am
News Review
"New, Earlier Tests Seen Better at Fetal Down Syndrome Detection"
The New York Times
November 10, 2005

Down Syndrome in a fetus can now be detected several weeks earlier than the previous tests that take place in the second trimester. Now, tests can be done in the first trimester, allowing the parents earlier notice. Since tests are done earlier, parents now have an option to abort their baby to prevent struggles. Earlier abortions are more private and safer for the mother. They also have the opportunity to better prepare themselves for the challenges that await them if they choose to keep the child. The test does have limitations and is tricky to perform.

The earlier one can now about down syndrome in a fetus the better. Although, it is sad to think that down syndrome is a good reason to abort a pregnancy. I think aborting a fetus because they have down syndrome shows weakness in the parents. It is a cruel thing to do. Every child has potential, even disabled children. The early notice should best be used for the parents preparation. They are provided with more time to plan out their futures and accommodate the birth of their child. Overall, it is good to see that technology keeps improving itself and is making life better for future generations.
03 November 2005 @ 10:45 am
News Review
"U.S. Forest Service Will Impose Standards for Off-road Vehicles"
The New York Times
November 3, 2005
(Environmental Issues)

The United States Forest Service will be designating specific paths in national forests on which off-road vehicles can travel. In the past, off-road vehicles have damaged national forests and only a few national forests have put restrictions on the paths. Now, every national forest will have rules. It is not certain whether the allowed paths will just include man made paths or paths created in the past few years by riders. Plans are hoped to be completed in four years. Jim Furnish, previously a Forest Service employee, said he has watched the beauty of the national forests get trampled. He says it is too little, too late. The forests have lost so much of their natural beauty already. Others, such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a group of all-terrain riders, say they feel good about the final product.

The will to better the environment is obvious in this article but is it really too little, too late? The natural forests have already been beaten and run down and have lost some of their original beauty thanks to all-terrain vehicles. It makes me think, if riders have not held more respect for the natural forests previously, will they care more about them now? Will they actually follow the guidelines given to them? I think its a good idea to try whatever one can to prevent any more deterioration of the environment or at least bring up the fact that damage has been done and needs to stop. None the less, riders will still travel throughout the forests and continue to wear on the environment.
31 October 2005 @ 10:59 am
News Review
"A Grass-Roots Group Is Helping Hurricane Survivors Help Themselves"
The New York Times
October 31, 2005

The Grass-Roots group, the Metropolitan Organization, a group affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, has been behind the motivation of several survivor's participation and interest in resettlement and rebuilding decisions. Survivors that are currently housed in the Astro Dome in Houston were being lined up for re-evacuation to places as far as Fort Chaffee, Arknasas. The enthusiasm and persuasion of the Metropolitan Organization and the followers prevented this from happening. Empty houses and apartments in safe surrounding towns were ordered to be made available to hurricane victims. Many victims say they want to choose where they have to live.

It is great that the Metropolitan Organization can create such an interest amongst the hurricane victims. I would think so many victims would be discouraged and unwilling to put forth any more effort on this cause. It would be logical for them to be tired and unconcerned with where they would temporarily be housed this time. The Metropolitan Organization did a good job at provoking leadership from the victims. In the end the victims of the hurricane are helping themselves.
24 October 2005 @ 10:34 am
News Review
"Hurricane Wilma Hits Florida as Destructive Path is Seen"
Monday, October 24, 2005
New York Times

Monday morning, Hurricane Wilma hit the southwest coast of Florida. The first hit resulted in severe flooding and power outages. Some southwest cities experienced gusts of wind of more than 100 miles per hour. In Naples, Florida, gusts reached 121 miles per hour. The streets of Naples are covered in two to three feet of water but severe damage has not been reported. There is major concern for some of the smaller cities surrounding Naples that are "very vulnerable to strong surges." A 12 to 18 feet storm surge is expected in places in southwest Florida. Wilma is expected to move northeast across Florida towards the Atlantic Ocean. Governor Bush says Florida was well prepared for the hurricane with plenty of gas, food, and search and rescue teams on stand by. The hurricane has already left significant amounts of damage in Mexico as well as in Jamaica and Haiti. In Cancun, looting broke out and the tourist strip was severely damaged. Tourists had to take shelter in schools and cultural centers.

It is crazy to see another hurricane so soon after Hurricane Katrina that can do some severe damage. I couldn't even imagine being in a city with 100 mile an hour gust of wind. It is good to see that proper preparations have been taken to ensure a good recovery from the hurricane. I am particularly interested in this article because my grandmother lives in Naples throughout the winter months and is supposed to be returning there this weekend. I have visited several times and it is sad to think some of the beautiful city could be ruined.
12 October 2005 @ 06:10 pm
News Review
Hurricane Katrina
"Analyses of Floodwater Find Lower Levels of Toxic Chemicals Than Feared"
New York Times
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

After several tests of the floodwater that had overtaken New Orleans, only lower levels of toxic chemicals have been found. This is good news because higher levels were expected but still there is some concern for the sediment that still remains. Louisiana State University researchers discovered low concentrations of contaminants such as heavy metals and gasoline. High levels of bacteria have been found. The levels of contaminants are considered practically harmless. In addition, the tests of fish, water and sediment in the Gulf of Mexico also showed minimal signs of contamination. It has been decided that it is still to early to "issue a clean bill of health". Further testing must be done on the sediments surrounding suspect facilities in order to "issue a clean bill of health". Families are not yet recommended to return to their homes in potentially contaminated areas. Everyone is continuously urged to be careful.

It is definitely great news that only low levels of toxic chemicals have been found. It is very surprising after all the damage but none the less very encouraging for the rehabilitation of New Orleans. I am in complete agreement that families should not yet be returning to their homes. I don't think enough testing has been done to ensure complete safety and it would be horrible to see any other bad accidents occur from this disaster.